Targa Visionary 4u

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I have a Targa Visionary 4u - Pentium 4 2,0Ghz.

It has a 256Mb/266Mhz RAM, and it works fine.
- I just installed an extra 512Mb/266Mhz RAM, and now I have some

When I start my PC, it can not detect the 512Mb - Only the 256Mb. But if I
Reboot just when it show RAM, then it restarts with all RAM 256+512Mb

According to my handbook the PC works with up to 2x512Mb/266Mhz 200Pins

Why do I have these problems??

I have tried to switch the RAM-modules, with the same result..
The "funny" part: If I remove the 256Mb, and only have the 512Mb installed,
i get nothing but black screen..

Any ideas??

--- Brian

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