Tale of a nightmare repair: Dead Toshiba A75-206

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The Problem:
Client says unit was damaged as result of a drop. Laptop now shuts off
a second or two after being powered on. Toshiba says motherboard

Tried so far:
Replaced the motherboard.

Unit booted into Windows XP and worked for a time, but problem
resurfaced. Turned back on several times, but remained on for
increasingly shorter periods of time. Strangely, if I had the chance to
enter SETUP and did so, it would not power off. Letting the unit rest
(cool?) for a period of time had no effect.

Also tried:
Cleaning with compressed air. Effect: none.

Further noted:
Original motherboard did not in fact appear to be cracked when I
removed and inspected it.
Heatsink however was partially damaged as a result of being dropped.

Damaged heatsink/CPU (transferred from original, since not included
with motherboard). Overheating?
Other damaged components causing computer to short-circuit.

Replace heatsink/CPU

Any suggestions or thoughts? I've noticed while browsing through other
posts that this problem appears to plague units that haven't been
damaged or abused.

I'm also haunted by the thought that another component may be to blame,
and may have in fact fried the new motherboard. I managed to get a new
mainboard for $300 - one of the lower prices you'll find, but still a
nice chunk of change. Without getting the laptop working, I may not be
able to recover that either.

Re: Tale of a nightmare repair: Dead Toshiba A75-206

A bit more fragile than expected, no?

Mine blew a screen one month out of warranty.  Spent some time in the lcoal
shop who had to eventually give upa nd send it to HP for repair.  Cost $350.

Now the internal DVD burner conks out 4 months later.  Cost $485.

The battery has always been a problem for any laptop brand I've owned.
Lasts about one year and then craps to the tune of $150 (damn things seem
like they have a timer in them set to call it quits in a year or so).

Modems seem to crap as well, but thank gosh they have slip in PCMIA slotted
ones.  More of a duct-tape fix, but they work.

These things costs a small fortune to keep running....


Re: Tale of a nightmare repair: Dead Toshiba A75-206

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I don't have much in the way of advice, but was wondering where you were
able to pick up a new mainboard for $300. That seems low. Can you post the

Tony Marsillo

Re: Tale of a nightmare repair: Dead Toshiba A75-206

dasears@gmail.com wrote:

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Is the GPU covered by and thermally connected to the heatsink?
Is it supposed to be?

Is it possible the heatpipe was flexed enough to open a hole in it, and
the water inside has escaped?

Re: Tale of a nightmare repair: Dead Toshiba A75-206

Very good questions. The GPU may in fact be covered by the heatsink in
some way, but I'm fairly sure it was not thermally connected or by
appearances intended to be... will have to examine that more closely.

The heatsink was definitely damaged... didn't look too bad, but I
probably should have checked it more closely. It may be worthless now,
as you suggested.

BTW, got the motherboard from a reputable seller I found on eBay. It
was in pristine condition and very well packaged. Oh well. They usually
do go for more, when you can find them. It took some doing, what can I

Re: Tale of a nightmare repair: Dead Toshiba A75-206

Tony wrote:
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Can you describe the damage to the heatsink?  

If the heatsink itself was damaged, I'm wondering if it might've also
damaged the CPU itself.  The CPU is presumably ceramic, which is fairly
fragile (I've infrequently broken pieces off while mounting a heatsink

Did you do a thorough inspection of the CPU itself?


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