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I am considering buying a laptop for my wife. She is a nurse and works on
the road a lot to meet patients and teach them how to inject themselves
their medication.  She has to take notes about every such meeting (in Word)
and file an activity report to her employer (in Excel).   She wants a
machine that she could also use to access maps and GPS and also to surf the
net and use her email.  I was thinking that a tablet PC convertible might be
a good solution plus a separate GPS machine such as those by TOMTOM (for
example).  From what I find on the net and in magazines, tablet PC
convertible look very interesting but do they really deliver?

My wife (unlike myself) has a very good hanwriting so I don't see a problem
but is there?

Can the machine really convert handwriting to print fonts fast and without

Could she enter data such as names and numbers into Excel directly from the
tablet and see it converted so that the cells show normal print letters and

These machines can be expansive, which would be a good choice?

Thank you all,


Re: Tablet PC question

Brisebois-Lacoste wrote:

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Yes, the handwriting recognition is very good.

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No. Well yes, but using the on-screen keyboard.  You can't do
handwriting directly into Excel.

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Try to find one with a detachable keyboard, where the screen and all the
guts are in one piece (or one where you just use an external keyboard
when necessary). These are the true tablets, rather than a regular
laptop with a screen that can be written upon. You want something that
is comfortable to hold while writing, so you need to keep the weight down.

Look at

" "
" "
" "

Home health care is the ideal application for tablets.

You can plug a USB GPS into these, and just buy the DeLorme software (or
bundle with a GPS). But a separate unit may be better because it'd be
hard to mount the tablet to be visible in the car.

Re: Tablet PC question

Brisebois-Lacoste wrote:
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How about Nokia N800 Internet Tablet?

It does GPS too.  But it's not a phone!


Re: Tablet PC question

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I have an N800 and I like it, but realistically I don't think this isn't a
good choice for the scenario described, primarily due to the handwriting
recognition not being all that great.  Additionally, it still takes a bit of a
hacker mindset to want to use the available spreadsheets and word processors
for the N800 (e.g,. gnumeric and Abiword) if you're coming from a Microsoft
Office world.

The N800 does work well with Bluetooth keyboards, although it doesn't
presently support a mouse.


Re: Tablet PC question

Thank you both for your advices.

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