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Hi, I am looking for a barebones tablet PC that has reasonable battery
life, wifi b/g (or PIMCIA slot for wifi N later), is hopefully 3.5 or
less lbs, and under $1000 (I do not need some super new model). I am
not too worried about processor/mem/hd space. I want to use it as a
remote for my media center (that also has mythtv) PC. I only want to
use it for web browsing and as an uber remote for my media center pc
(use either windows remote logon or one of the VNC derivatives then
access my media center that way [without having to have the TV on]).
Either Windows or Linxu OSs are fine but it needs to be one or the
other since the softwares I am looking at only run on one or the other
(and I am not a hacker/programmer). Any suggestions or points to
(recent, not pre-2004) tablet PC reviews would really be appreciated!




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you might look an eBay for a used HP COMPAQ tc1100.
For your requiremnts this would be really fine - epecially as this
"hybrid" could be used as a true slate as well as with with the
attachable keyboard when really needed.
AFAICS even the older tc1000 (which did not yet have an Intel CPU but
a Transmeta Cruseo) would be sufficient for the needs you specified.




HTH. If any further questions, pls ask.

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