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I'm thinking of getting a Tablet PC, and I've read the Tablet PC for
Dummies book, but I need some suggestions on which brands/models are
good ones.  Any suggestions?

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Hi Mrex,

About 6 months ago a client approached me about tablets for his
factory floor. I did some research and didn't like any of the
options considering the number that he wanted. He was adamant that
he wanted Tablets so I picked up a Averatec C3500 at the time it was
only $1,300us so I bought one. These were my thoughts after
developing the software he wanted for them.

1. Recognition was poor using WinXPte's built in software. I found a
product called PenOffice that was a huge improvement. I can actually
write at speed with few mistakes.

2. The screen is very easy to read even under some of the halogen
lights on the floor of the factory.

3. The wireless is a little on the weak side with a usable range of
about 80'.

4. The pen drives me crazy since I am forever pressing the context
menu button on it.

5. The Clarion 5.5ee applications that I wrote for him all work very
well. I was actually quite surprised at the speed considering that
the CPU is underpowered. I did upgrade the system to 1GB of RAM
which of course helped a lot.

6. The digitizer needs to be re-calibrated at least once a week.

The client has been using them for about 4 months now and we've only
had to pull one off the floor (it was dropped and the hard disk died).

I still use the Averatec C3500 when I am traveling since it is cheap
and I am not worried about it getting stolen. It does everything I
need it to and having the ink annotation capability when doing
presentations is nice. I also like being able to sign and turn
around documents in seconds rather than minutes/hours.

I do have to say that I have already damaged mine. I left a PcCard
plugged into it and put it in  my bag when I pulled it out, the card
got caught on the zipper and cracked the case around the card slot.
A little crazy glue, and it has been fine.

My suggestion to you would be to by something cheap since tablets
are not for everyone. Especially if you expect to do a lot of
handwritten notes. If you want to spend the bucks, then make sure it
is a 'rugged' design since drop'age is even more of a possibility
with a tablet than a laptop.

Ciao . . . C.Joseph

That which a man buys too cheaply . . .
     He esteems too lightly

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