T61 laptop locks up when sleeping and gets docked

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We have a user here who complains that occasionally when he docks his
Lenovo T61 laptop (running WinXP), it will shut off and he can't power
it back up.

This guy frequently works from home, and instead of putting his laptop
in hibernate or shutting it off, we'll put it in Sleep mode, and bring
it back to the office.  When he gets in, he'll plug it into the
ThinkPad Advanced Docking Station and power it back up.  Apparently,
it will sometimes just shut off completely, and he can't get it to
start back up.  The only way he can get it to run again is to pull the
battery and reseat it.  This, of course, defeats the purpose of using

He's downloaded the ThinkVantage updates, and I'd assume Windows
updates as well.  I saw on Lenovo's website there's an issue with some
of the docks where a static discharge from the docking station might
cause something similar to this to happen, but it's not applicable to
this case since the rubber caps are already installed on it.

Has anyone else had a similar experience?


Re: T61 laptop locks up when sleeping and gets docked

tcraig@gmail.com wrote:
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   Sleep mode has problems as far back as I can remember.  Change the
default to hibernate.  It only takes a few seconds longer, and it's MUCH
more reliable.  If he complains, tell him it's either that or live with
the sleep mode problems.  SP3 MIGHT help if he hasn't installed that,
but if it doesn't, go with the hibernate default.

Re: T61 laptop locks up when sleeping and gets docked

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I agree with Hula , but might add :  next time this user comes in to his
office, have him power up OUTSIDE of the docking station. Just to see -
does THAT work OK ? i. e. - is he hitting the spacebar or whatever 'wake
up procedure' is.  Try another person's docking station - Still fails
there ?   Note - does this guy have that many apps open that he can't
reboot. ( I know - I know - I've been there and your job is not to ask
that, but note 'what is he doing on PC when he arrives ? )
I suspect this PC has 2 configs - one for dock and one for portable mode.
He put it into sleep as portable and waking up as docked. If fails on
second dock, just explain that booting uses different profiles and windows
LAST saw a local kb, keypad mouse etc - then asks - where'd they go ? Let
me look ... hang ...
Reboot recognizes different profile =  Oh, they're now in dock ! That's
the reason FOR profiles

Re: T61 laptop locks up when sleeping and gets docked

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Thanks to both of you for the advice.  Bobb, the problem with your
suggestion about what happens when he powers it up out of the dock is
that it doesn't happen every time.  So if he powers it up out of the
dock and it works fine, I can't necessarily guarantee it will happen
again next time.  I did have the idea to swap out his docking station
to see if it happens with a different one.  One thing I saw on
Lenovo's website is that these mini docks have a tendency to make the
laptop crap out on bootup because of a static discharge, so the dock
requires little rubber caps...  Unfortunately, his has those caps on,
so I was more curious if anyone knows if this is a pretty consistent
problem with this model laptop or anything.

Thanks again for the recommendations, guys!

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