T30-hidden lost service partition

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I have two Thinkpad T30 laptops both with 40 GB IBM HDDs.

T30 #1 HDD contains NTFS bootable C:, logical D, and a hidden 'service
partition'. This laptop runs XP PRO and can be restored using the

T30 #2 had HDD trouble and the 'service partition' was deleted.
Recovery CDs will not restore T30 #2.

I need suggestions how to clone the HDD in T30 #2 from the HDD in T30 #1.

What software?
I own True Image 9 and Partition Magic 8. Can TI 9-3567 clone another
drive including copying the hidden 'service partition'?

Can the cloning of #2 from #1 be done using USB or Ethernet? I want to
do cloning if possible without disassmebling either T30. I have one 30GB
extra HDD that can be installed in either T30 using in the DVD drive bay.
What software  would allow me to clone the 30GB HDD in T30#1 and then
install that 30GB [clone] in T30 #2 and clone the main HDD in T30#2 from
that extra 30GB HDD?

Thank you for suggestions. Dave_s

Re: T30-hidden lost service partition

Dave_s wrote:
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Whatever direction you do, do not use Partition Magic. I do not know
specifically about your T30 but PM seems to have a problem handling TP
boot sector. Use TrueImage.

I would simply suggest extracting the HD from the machine you want to
revive, insert in the drive bay, and cloning with TrueImage.

The question still is, why would the recovery CD not restore TP #2? What
happens when you try?

John Doue

Re: T30-hidden lost service partition

John Doue wrote:
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    Does T30 site have instructions for removing HDD?
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    This install behaved as if the 'recovery cd set' needed the 'service
partition' which had been deleted.

    Is the recovery CD set able to RESTORE the missing "service partition'?
I seem to read that the 'recovery cd set' needs and uses the  'service
partition'. Am I mistaken?
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    When I ran recovery cd set on T30#2, with only a C: partition, the
install was quite different. XP PRO was installed and demanded
reactivating XP PRO. Normally, 'recovery' never asks for reactivating.
XP PRO desktop was empty. None of the Thinkpad normal programs were
installed.  File system installed was FAT32, not NTFS. Several devices
in  resource manager were !!! marked with exceptions [VGA], network, no
drivers available.

    Thank you, Dave-s

Re: T30-hidden lost service partition

Dave_s wrote:
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Again forgive me for not having specific knowledge of the T30. However,
if you are lucky enough to have recovery cds, the recovery partition
should not be needed.

The fact that you are required to activate surprises me too, but is this
a problem? Or are you sure to have the right recovery CD set?

The fact that you end with a different installation can be dealt with.
First, converting to NTFS, if required, is a straightforward process, as
opposed to the opposite. No problem here, partition magic (or windows)
will handle this without any problem. If you use PM, use it when the
disk where the partition to convert is located is the main drive, not in
the bay.

Lastly, obviously, your system misses the drivers specific to your
machine. This is easy, since going to the IBM-Lenovo site will allow you
to download them.

Granted, this is more complicated than you expected but the simple
solution of cloning the Hd remains. No knowing a T30, I cannot offer
advice on the way to do it, but again, you should find the necessary
information on Lenovo's site at

This approach is by far the easiest given your circumstances, except for
the fact you need to get TrueImage. Do not waste your time with PM on this.

Hope this helps.
John Doue

Re: T30-hidden lost service partition

John Doue wrote:
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    At that Levono site is good HDD info, very helpful.
    Many thanks, Dave_s

Re: T30-hidden lost service partition

Dave_s wrote:
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This looks like yet another case of M$ copy protection gone off the deep

I don't have an IBM, but have some experience with this problem.
I have a compaq that has all the xp install files right on the c-drive
in the i386 directory.  But they took out the setup program that lets
you use them.  That's on the recovery CD, which I don't have.
But you can make a whole set of xp cd's that you can use to install...
exactly one time, cause the maker deletes itself when it's done. So I
don't have that either.  And there's no process that allows you do buy,
download or otherwise obtain what you need.
It's spelled S-C-R-E-W-E-D...

To make it work, I had to copy the setup and boot stuff off a real xp
install cd,
add the i386 stuff and drivers off the laptop, slipstream in SP2, mess
with it a bunch
and burn a new install cd that was compatible with the COA numbers on
the laptop and the drivers it needed.  Don't ask details...all I
remember is that it took me two days and I had a hole in the wall
where I kept banging my head.
Did not have to activate.

Depending on what's on your #1 service partition, you may be able to do
the same, if you can read the service partition.  At that point, you no
longer need a service partition.

I'd try to image all the partitions to separate DVD's or an external hd.
  If your imaging
program can see and image the service partition, you're in good shape.

My imaging programs insist on having a destination partition for the
restore.  Check the IBM site for a utility to create the service
partition.  Failing that, use a partition manager to view the partitions
on #1 and replicate that on #2.  Then restore the images.

Be sure to send a thank-you note to M$ for wasting your time.

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