T22 hanging problem

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My IBM notebook T22 hangs after booting about 30 seconds to 2 minutes.
Sometimes the window XP is not totally loaded and then the computer
hangs up. I suspect that it is a hardware problem rather than infecting
virus. I have tried to boot it many times but cannot succeed to use it
for 3 minutes. Could anyone suggest me anything I could do before
paying to repair? Thanks!

Re: T22 hanging problem

eeh wrote:
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Most IBM Thinkpads I've used come with a diagnostics CD, have you tried
running a diagnostics CD on your machine.  What you might be
experiencing is a hardware issue which occurs when a driver is being
loaded by Windows.

Alternatively, you could try downloading one of the many Rescue CD
images available on the Internet.  Most of them contain a diagnostics
routine that you can run through to verify that your hardware is working
correctly.  I've included a couple of links below that you might find

http://www.911cd.net /

Something else you might want to try is removing and re-inserting the
memory modules as well as the Hard Drive.  It's possible that you have
an intermittent connection on either a memory module or the hard drive
itself which is sometimes resolved easily just be removing and
reinserting the affected part.


Re: T22 hanging problem

The problem maybe be link to the bios, which T2x series is famous. Try
to take out the cmos battery and clear the cmos. If problem persist
after this, maybe it is ram. Try also to boot into dos or knoppix linux
to make sure it is not windows booting problem. I have come across that
it is the motherboard problem, where the only way is to replace the

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eeh wrote:
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Re: T22 hanging problem

ltwtech@gmail.com wrote:
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I have tried to reinstall the win xp but the installation is not
finished before hanging up. So I concluded that it is hardware problem.
I have tried to load the default bios setting and the problem still
exists. I also suspect that it is RAM problem. I think I need to lend
some ram to test it. Thanks!

Re: T22 hanging problem

I have tested the ram by putting away one of the two ram modules. The
problem still exists. So I conclude that the problem is not from the
ram modules.

Re: T22 hanging problem

Will it startup in Safe Mode? If so it is probably a driver issue...
If it won't startup in Safe Mode it sounds like hardware.

Reseat RAM + HDD as suggested by OPs.
Also blow out the cooling vents with canned air - is the CPU fan working?

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Re: T22 hanging problem

Bigguy wrote:
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I cannot check whether it is the fan problem as the computer cannot be
powered on when the keyboard above the fan assembly is removed. Anyway
to achieve this?

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