Syncing via a port replicator (Palm IIIc)

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I bought a port replicator for my laptop. Since it lacks a serial,
parallel, and PS2 ports. And surprisingly, they are cheaper than a
serial to USB cable. This like most port replicators, hooks up through
one USB port. You also need drivers to make the port replicator operate

Anyway it was advertised as working with the Palm. And it does, except I
can't boot up, come out of Standby, or even Hibernation mode, with the
sync cable connected to the serial port on the port replicator. There is
a reset button (hold down for 5 seconds), but I never found it to be
helpful for anything yet. It just flashes the lights. lol

Anyway despite this slight problem, this thing is great. But is this
everyone else experience as well? What about those serial to USB cables?
This port replicator doesn't work with the serial UPS software. As the
UPS software can't see the port. But I can live without that. lol


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