Synchronising apps on two laptops

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I have two laptops. One I use as a "desktop", the other I take on my
Can I synchronise the data & apps between the two? Specifically, I'd
like to be able to work on email on two seperate copies of outlook, but
be able to sync any changes!


Re: Synchronising apps on two laptops

Pete Evans wrote:
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An easy way to synchronize email is using the IMAP protocol instead of POP.

Follow-ups set.



Re: Synchronising apps on two laptops


There are a lot of programs that promise to synch Outlook, but I've not been
very happy with any that I've tried.  The biggest problem is when you get
changes on both machines between synchs.  Another problem is different
versions of Outlook.  Apparently MS changed the API between versions and
some don't synch well with each other.

If you truly just use the 2nd laptop when you travel, you might try creating
a Briefcase (included with Windows) and putting all the Outlook files in
there and then synching the Briefcase everytime you travel, assuming you
have the same version of Outlook and the same version of Windows on both

I end up using about 4 or 5 different computers every month and am seriously
considering going to a web-based service.  Keeping all my Outlook-type info
on the Web and accessing it with a browser.  Has anyone tried using
HyperOffice or MyOffice?  Are there any other systems anyone would
recommend?  The problem so far seems to be that a secure socket system slows
the performance down to where it really lags unless you have a fast

Joe Davis

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