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I hope I am asking the right group, is there a way to sync my laptop at my
home through the my wireless router to my main computer and copy files
instead of coping to a hard drive and connect the hard drive to the laptop?
is there a site that explains it.
thank you in advance.

Re: sync laptop

Your question implies two things:

-Being able to do direct file transfer
-Have which files get transferred automatically selected

The first is possible in a number of ways, and depends on all of the
details of which OS' the two systems are running, as well as the types
of network and connectivity that each has.  If both laptops are
attended, you could use "Remote Assistance", which every version of
Windows XP and Vista have.  If the main computer is running XP Pro (and
some versions of Vista but I'm not sure which), you can do the same
thing unattended with "Remote Desktop".  It can also be done in various
other ways (if the main computer is configured to act as a dial-in host,
or if the network that the main computer is on has remote access
provisions of any type (dial-in, VPN, etc.).  Part of the problem is
that there are too many options and not enough information.  It's also
possible to do this with 3rd party software (Laplink, PC Anywhere,
etc.), and with some not-free web services.

Having the files automatically selected is more "iffy".  There are
programs that purport to do this, but I always have ultimately preferred
to just get both computers networked, and manually update my files from
one computer to the other.

ronnie wrote:
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Re: sync laptop

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Lots of questions raised :
By 'sync' do you mean like "My Briefcase" does it ?
Or sharing files/folders and dragging/dropping ?
Both are XP ? Vista ?
Using Windows Firewall ? another ? Router - password protected ?
We'd need specifics.


1. Share the folder(s) on each pc.
2. Map a drive to the other networked folder(s) for each - put a shortcut
on the desktop
3. Drag/drop to/from that folder

For general picture: google search:
 lots of links at bottom of each article:
For specifics can also go to your company's wireless router webiste -
usually specific how-to's there.

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