Synaptics touchpad problem

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The touchpad lately has been acting up;
right click is normal, but the left click...

a) sometimes takes a few tries to get 1 click,
b) sometimes it double clicks from a single click,
c) sometimes it takes multiple clicks to achieve one double click
d) sometimes the hold down drag won't work

Very half the time you don't know what you'll be

All settings are normal, and the tap function is disabled.
I've tried various other settings;
i.e. slowing or speeding up the double click function


1. I haven't tried it yet, but can the touchpad be disassembled
like a mouse can in order to be cleaned?

2. Where can I get a replacement?

Dell Inspiron 2200 (2005)
Synaptics A14 Ver: 7.10.11

Re: Synaptics touchpad problem

studio wrote:
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Resinstall the driver, first: . No, you cannot repair
a touchpad on your own.  Since you have a Dell notebook, you can call
Dell support and ask the question.  First, reinstall the driver.


Re: Synaptics touchpad problem

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I tried this also, didn't help.
Very frustrating, and potentially disasterous if I'm not careful.
Sometimes it double clicks on a single click, the 2nd click coming
from the button going up.
Sometimes a single click results in a double click happening in
different windows...
i.e. if I click when I have multiple windows open, it sometimes clicks
in both windows, one after the other...that is, if the single click
works at all.

Another problem, of many, is the drag lock check button becomes
mysteriously unchecked and I have to reset it.

Really screwy.
Other than the screwy touchpad, no problems with anything else.

Re: Synaptics touchpad problem

I bought a USB "mini mouse" to use in the meantime.
As I thought all along, it is a hardware problem...the damn left
button is shot.

Even if were to have bought the 2 year warranty from Dell, I would
just missed the deadline anyway.

Strangely enough, you can't just buy a new touchpad and snap it in...
you have to buy the whole top plate (palm rest) which the touchpad is
an interegal part of.

I found a used one for $18.95, they wanted $42.00 new.

I mean really, a $100.+ for a technician to do something that should
be much simpler and less costly.

Very frustrating.

Re: Synaptics touchpad problem

studio typed:
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If it really bothers you, sell the laptop. There are lots of people that
would buy it and they could careless if the touchpad is working or not.
Then buy a new or used one. My Synaptics touchpad also is touchy on the
left click. But I also have tap to click on (so left clicks are rare)
and I mostly use a wireless mouse anyway.


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