Symptoms of a bad CPU?

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How can you tell if your cpu is going on the blink? I have a refurb.
thinkpad T30, pentium 4m 1.8   I keep getting screen freeze up, I've
done the disk clean up and have run all the virus/spyware scans plus ran
pc doctor tests of the hd, cpu, memory etc.. it passed all the tests.
It's also showing alerts down in the icon tray that security is turned
off when it's not, and a couple other programs are off or not logged on
when they Are.  There is something going on but I'm not sure if it's the
computer, or windows xp.. or less likely msn (my isp). This started
recently btw, any ideas?    Thank you,


Re: Symptoms of a bad CPU? (snowblow me) wrote:
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Get one of the many programs that will monitor the temperature of the
CPU, and see how it's doing.

Try cleaning the cooling fan air passages, they can get clogged with

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This sounds like you might be due for a software rebuild...

Re: Symptoms of a bad CPU?

CPUs almost never fail.  Generally, either they work or they don't.
I've been working with computers since 1967, and microcomputers since
1975, and I don't think I've ever seen a CPU chip that was not either
good or totally dead.  Generally, if it posts and passes the diagnostics
contained within the POST tests, it's good.  If the system is flakey,
look to the power supply, memory and motherboard, and to the cooling

snowblow me wrote:
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Re: Symptoms of a bad CPU?

For once I agree with Barry. Freezes are most likely a hardware
problem. Change the memory and drives, and remove any network cards
(even the internal ones) they can short out and cause freezes. If all
else fails, it is the motherboard.

On Thu, 29 Dec 2005 16:32:33 GMT, Barry Watzman

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Re: Symptoms of a bad CPU?

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What security or antivirus software are you using?  My sister had a similar
problem, and continually found that her security actually *had* been turned
off (even though she had turned it on).  Sometimes, she would have
difficulty turning security on and would have to do it several times before
it would "take."  In addition, she could not login to any web pages that
required her password.  The culprit turned out to be Norton Security.  Her
copy was 2 or 3 years old but had been upgrades.  She got rid of Norton
Security but kept Norton AntiVirus (which many people dislike).  Her problem
was solved.  I don't know if yours will be this easy, but it's worth


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