SXGA+ 1400x1050 -> 1280x1024

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I want to move to a laptop.

I have a great desktop 17" LCD Screen rocking at 1280x1024.

I want to able to have my laptop push this exact resolution.

I'm looking into an LG laptop (LS55, LS70) that has 1400x1050

Does anybody know, if a laptop that supports 1400x1050 can also display
1280x1024 ?
If so, how does this look on the laptop itself ? does it look stretched

Any comments and insights would be greatly welcomed.

Re: SXGA+ 1400x1050 -> 1280x1024 writes:
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It's crazy to use any LCD at anything other than its native resolution.
If you get a 1400x1050 screen, use it as one.

Re: SXGA+ 1400x1050 -> 1280x1024

Paul Rubin wrote:
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What Mr Rubin said. A few years ago their were a few laptops with a
1280x1024 native resolution, but I don't think there are any now (?).
It's a 5:4 aspect ratio, whereas most now are either 4:3 (1024x768,
1400x1050, or 1600x1200), or they are one of the letterbox formats (I
think there's a few). It's interesting that the external 17", 18", and
19" LCD monitor world seems to have settled on 1280x1024, but there you
are. Any LCD looks crap in its non native resolution, especially for
text and diagram type graphics. Utterly crap. It's a limitation of the
technology, and a pretty strong limitation.


Re: SXGA+ 1400x1050 -> 1280x1024

What would you all suggest then ?

Getting a new external LCD ?

How can I find out how an LG laptop with 1400x1050 would act if
requested to plot 1280x1024 ?

thanks for your comments

Re: SXGA+ 1400x1050 -> 1280x1024 wrote:
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Sounds pretty reasonable, if your application is so 1280x1024 specific
(I won't ask).

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Do you mean, "the application I am running wants to pop up a window
1280x1024 in size, and put some stuff in it?". Well, it would be fine.
There'd be some residual stuff around it from whatever else is on your
desktop, but since 1280x1024 is smaller than 1400x1050, it's no problem.
If you mean, that you would set the display resolution to 1280x1024, I
reckon it would look pretty bleak, either with black bars down the sides
(and possibly on the bottom and top), or messily interpolated so that
1280x1025 pixels map to 1400x1050 pixels. Which of these options
eventuates depends on the graphics driver LG has installed (and you
might be able to change it). Trust me though (!), it'll look crap!

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Re: SXGA+ 1400x1050 -> 1280x1024

I'm a programmer, and I work with graphics.

When i bought my 17" Viewsonic I didn't buy it for it's physical
1280x1024 resolution, I bought it because it was good, I'm happy with
1280x1024 now.

The thing is, I want to keep working with it after I purchase a laptop.
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able to find a laptop with a default of 1280x1024 (which would be best
for me as I get to keep my 17" Viewsonic).

My main question is, if I get an 1400x1050 laptop, will it be able to
also work at 1280x1024 ?
If this is possible, I can use that as the default resolution, and get
to keep my Viewsonic.
The side-quesiton is, should this occur, will the laptop stretch
1280x1024 onto 1400x1050 or will I have a black border ?

Re: SXGA+ 1400x1050 -> 1280x1024 wrote:
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Whoa! I think I see your misunderstanding (forgive me if I've got this
cocked up). You can plug your external monitor into your laptop to use
as an extra monitor and it can be a different resolution. No problem.
I'm typing this on my IBM T42 (1400x1050) with a Dell 2005 plugged into
the DVI port on the laptop dicking station (1680x1050). When I'm at my
other office, I plug in a Dell 2000 (1600x1200). All run at native
resolution. (As an aside, I had to alter the default video drivers
installed by IBM to run greater than 1280x1024 with a DVI connection,
but that's irrelevant to your problems.) So, just get your laptop and
plug in your 1280x1024 monitor, and set up the display parameters (right
click on desktop - properties - settings). Personally I thick it's
better to connect via DVI as opposed to VGA, but that's not relevant to
your basic question.

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Re: SXGA+ 1400x1050 -> 1280x1024

Looks like you've answered most of my question :-)
The main quesion I had was wether the 1400x1050 laptops will be able to
work in 1280x1024 mode. If you say it's possible it sounds great.

Now, what happens if you plug your laptop out of the
docking-station/external-screen. How does it display 1280x1024 on it's
1400x1050 screen ? Does it stretch it ? does it leave a black border on
the sides ?

thanks for the info

plated metal wrote:
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Re: SXGA+ 1400x1050 -> 1280x1024 wrote:

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Depends on the way the display is configured--it may stretch or it may
letterbox (i.e. show 1280x1024 in the middle of a 1400x1050 area with black
borders) or it may be settable to do either.

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Re: SXGA+ 1400x1050 -> 1280x1024

You would need a screen that does a higher res than what you want, you
can then step it down,
1400X1050 is better than what you are using, so it will do fine for
There are also laptops out there with 1600X1200 res.

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