Switching laptopscreen (WXGA) to external LCDscreen (X)GA

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I consider to buy a laptop with a small WXGA screen (11-12 inch).
Because i do not like the modern reflective screens (and you can
hardly find 'normal' screens) i plan to use when at home a 4:3 screen
with a higher resolution.

Do i, when connecting the external screen and turning the internal
screen off, need to change all kind of screen settings or does a
(modern) laptop recognise the screen and set the resolution
automatically including the aspectratio?


Re: Switching laptopscreen (WXGA) to external LCDscreen (X)GA

Bu wrote:
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Mine has no trouble remembering the setting between the monitor vs.
the laptop screens at all (Gateway MX6124). That doesn't mean they
all work that way.

And what do you mean by modern reflective screens? Use this article
to help me understand by what you mean.


And what is so bad about them anyway? Because I might have a problem
with mine that I didn't know about once I know by what you mean. :)

Re: Switching laptopscreen (WXGA) to external LCDscreen (X)GA

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Thanks for your response.

About the reflective screen.
I am talking about a normal backlit screen (99,99%). Maybe i should
have used the word shiny. That is a modern screen that is made shiny
to improve the contrast of the display. Also known as chrystalbrite,
trubrite or diamant view to name a few marketing terms). BTW I still
do not understand why a laptop needs a high contrast for playing
DVD's. As if playing DVD's is the the most important job for a laptop!

These screens are very reflective and therefor if you have a light
behind you you have to change the angel of the screen to get rid of
the reflection of that light. Outside on a bright day it is almost
unusable to use this kind of screen.  

Re: Switching laptopscreen (WXGA) to external LCDscreen (X)GA

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My new Dell E1505 switches between different internal and external
monitor configurations, no problem.  You can use both screens at once,
or have it automatically use the internal one with the laptop open and
the external one with the laptop closed.  Either way, it remembers the
settings for the displays.

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