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At Weston County court, an extremely generous offer was made by myself
to John Bunt to settle the matter in which he claims I rubbished his
cheap batteries.

The offer was a full written apology from myself and all costs incurred
to date.

Now for some strange reason (maybe because he's bonkers?) Bunty
rejected this offer and has insisted on it going to the High Court in
Bristol where he wants to do his Drama Queen bit to a jury.

The judge said that it was a very fair offer and that it was "a great
pity" that Bunty was going down that route. I.e. all this about "DJ
Rutherford hearing the matter so a legal precedent can be set and the
rules of the Internet re-written according to Saint Bunt was a complete
and utter loads of old bollocks! It seems that Bunt is as mad as I am
after all and imagines things......

So it seems a jury will get to see ALL of the exhibits including those
that Bunty would rather they didn't - you know the ones I mean -. In
which he says he gets an erection by looking at 13 year old girls ;-) -
and they are also allowed to know that three extremely generous (and
final) offers have been made when making their minds up who is in the

I'm quite looking forward to it now John. Should be a giggle. Hope
you can afford the almighty legal bill that you are about to have
dumped on you. As you say, could easily be40,000 or more! Thanks for
the day out.

Incriminating posts by Bunt still welcome to add to the massive pile
that I already have. Please send to this e-mail address preferably as
text files.

Thanks for the e-mails of support that came in last night. They were
very much appreciated.

PS Your hair needs a wash John.


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