Surface temps. on a T30,

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I tried checking the temperature in various spots on my Thinkpad T30
after having it on a few hours (with one of those temp. guns) and it's
hottest by the cooling fan, 110 degrees then dropping as it was shut
down. It also showed 95 degrees above where the hard drive is, this pc
is kept in a bedroom by the way. Anyone know if that's a normal range
for a laptop? I happend to check it because I've been getting screen
freeze ups.   Thanks,


Re: Surface temps. on a T30,

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Celcius or Fahrenheit?

110 C is incredibly hot, but 110 F is about 43 C which is not too
excessive.  Most hard drives are specified to 55-65 C.  X86 processors
often give errors at not much more than these temperatures.  Note that if
you are using one of those infra red temperature doo-hickeys then they are
not particularly accurate.

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