Sudden loss of Toshiba Power Management on M35X-S149

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   I noticed this two days ago when my machine suddenly went into low power
mode, blanking the screen & going to sleep after 2 minutes.  Up to that
point it had been working normally.  The Toshiba Power Management (=TPM)
icon had also disappeared from its usual position on the Task Bar.  I opened
Control Panel, then TPM, found its settings were unchanged even though the
power management had just changed substantially.   Attempts to change any of
those settings had no effect on the operation of the machine and would not
restore the icon to the Task Bar, even though configured to do that.  When I
clicked on the "Power Management" option, which appears on the Control Panel
list, the message said to turn off Windows Power Management & use TPM, which
was no help.   From scanning the internet, I have found many posts
describing this problem of a sudden failure in TPM when it had been working
normally.    Lots of solutions, most of which centered around re-installing
the TPM utility.
    I downloaded the file "sm35xtpmx.exe" from Toshiba here ,
after unpacking it got the following files:
14,663,957 EPower.exe  {file version}
           626 setup.iss
        1,191 silent.txt
   When I ran EPower.exe the first time, all it did was remove my current
Version of TPM.  At that point Windows Power Management was again
functional.  I could alter its settings so my laptop acted more like its
normal self.  I rebooted. 2
    When I ran EPower.exe again, it installed the same version of TPM that
had been on my machine before.  It also restored the same problem I had in
the first place.   My screen would blank & the laptop would go into a rest
mode every 2 minutes or so, exactly as before, and the TPM window showed the
same irrelevant settings.
     At this point I removed TPM from my laptop and am currently relying on
Windows Power Management.    Now there is an icon of a AC power plug on the
Task Bar.   I discovered that using the Fn F2 key combination causes a small
window to open displaying basic options of Power Management, then while
holding the Fn key down and hitting F2 the various options are activated one
after the other in Windows Power Management.
    At this source I
found this comment " One more note, one of the replies indicated that it was
not a good idea to remove the Toshiba power utility. This is absolutely
true. These things heat in bizarre and surprising ways. I had upgraded a
system to XP Pro and not reinstalled that utility and it cost me $300 to
replace the board when it fried since not using their utility voids teh
warranty. Windows' power management assumes that system manufacturer has
managed to properly cool their systems; an assumption not wise with many
laptops, Toshiba included"
     Would appreciate any thoughts on whether relying on Windows Power
Management is safe and,  also, what happened that this Toshiba utility which
has run for 2 years, suddenly quit?

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