Stuck in the middle of windows setup

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    Sorry I put a poor subject line before, so here we go again.
I got a dell latitude x200 off of ebay.  Great machine, works 100% I
got it to replace my sony R505 I've been using 4 years.  I'm not as
rich now as I was then.
Anyway, I decided to upgrade form 2000 pro to xp pro.
Put in my new legal disk, and started the upgrade process.  Pro 2000
had a couple of neat programs I wanted to keep, so I didn't run a
clean install.
Problem:  the screensaver is set at 4 minutes.  I didn't know that.
I'm half way through installing xp, and when it get to loading device
drivers, it reboots after 4 minutes and comes back to 39 min left,
installing drivers.  
I've killed a hard drive before by stopping a windows install by
pulling the plug, and I'm in limbo with the screensaver constatly
going back to 39 minutes left.....
Is there any way I can uninstall xp, get back to 2000 pro and disable
the screensaver?  Any Ideas would be appreciated.

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