Strange wireless laptop issue .....pls help

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Strange wireless issue .....pls help

1. I have a reasonably new laptop that came with a 802.11b/g and IEEE
1394,  Win XP etc.

In addition, we have
 a Netgear wireless Router with Comcast Motorola Modem. We have comcast
cable internet.

The wireless connection worked fine for many months but now all of a
sudden my wireless connection to "my laptop' does not work well. It is
inconsistent and sometimes just hangs.

Other wireless laptops and wireless desktops in the house get good
internet connection using our network. But with my laptop, I cannot.

My signal strength says "excellent" 54. Mbps. Yet there is no or an
inconsistent connection.
I am in the next room to the router and modem.

2. Now ... a funny thing that happens. When I click on View Wireless
Networks and choose another network in the neighborhood, I get fast
internet connection...even though it says
signal strength "very low".

3. Comcast checked the modem they say all is fine. They said the
problem could be the wireless router.

4. So I bought a new top of the line Linksys Wireless Router..about 200
The problem is still the same ...sometimes I get  kicked out of my
wireless network and get connected to some other...all this

I have disabled and enabled the wireless network on my laptop, turned
off and on the router and modem etc ...but nothing has helped.

If the problem was with my laptop, then how do I get good internet
connection using someone else's network ? I do not want to rely on
other people's network.

Can anyone pls help me.

I am not technical.

Thanks in advance,

Re: Strange wireless laptop issue .....pls help wrote in news:1146702949.668631.74600

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you can try a couple of things:

first, in your wireless connection properties, try changing the order of
preferred networks.  make sure your network is listed first.  if you're
getting booted and automatically hooked on someone else's network, i'm
guessing that someone else's network might be stronger than yours at
places, so windows ditches yours and jumps to the stronger one.

secondly, try enabling/disabling the "Use Windows to manage my wireless
network settings" checkbox.  see if that makes a difference.

good luck!

Re: Strange wireless laptop issue .....pls help

Yes, I changed the order of preferences. Still the same problem- cannot
connect to internet.

The neighbhor's network is much further.  When I am in my neighbhor's
network it says signal is  low.
Yet it is very fast.

My own Netgear for the most part does not work but signal says
Excellent. I am in the next room yet it doesn't work. I am so close to
the modem and router - only 10 feet away

If  I connect directly via wires to the modem the connection is good.

My can the connection say signal strength : excellent
and yet I cannot connect to the internet.

What could be going on here ?

Pls help.


Re: Strange wireless laptop issue .....pls help wrote:
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Start here for basic networking

I'm guessing that you use the notebook in the same location most of the
time.  Try slowing rotating the notebook and see if the signal level
increases or decreases, i.e., how sensitive the signal is to
orientation.  You can see the signal on the green bars when
right-clicking your wireless system tray icon, selecting View Available
Wireless Networks.

In the wireless properties (assuming you use Wireless Zero Configuration
- if using the Intel wireless manager it should have similar settings),
on the Wireless Networks tab, remove all but your network from the
Preferred Networks list.  Click the Advanced button, select Access Point
(Infrastructure) networks only; uncheck Automatically connect to
non-preferred networks.

If you continue to have trouble, change the channel in the router setup.
  Normally it defaults to channel 6, try channels 9 or 11.  This can
help with contending neighborhood networks all on channel 6.

Subscribe to the newsgroup alt.internet.wireless where you will find
discussion of similar issues and solutions.


Re: Strange wireless laptop issue .....pls help

Thanks for your input.

Here  are 4 different bits of info :

1. I tried using my Toshiba laptop thru the Netgear Wireless Router
using a cable. (not wirelessly) The internet works !  So the info is
moving fine from the comcast modem to my wireless Netgear router to my
laptop via cable.

2. Then I tried repairing the wireless network...It said it could not
renew the IP address.

3. Also the Netgear wireless connection says Signal Strength :
Excellent..... BUT Limited or no Connection. So wirelessly the same
Router won't work.

No what IP is it talking about ? the laptop or Netgear Router ( Pls
note I am not technical...almost clueless !)

4. I can connect to my neighbhors wireless network . The Internet
works. So my laptop can work using a wireless network.

Can anyone pls help me now. How do I get the network to renew the IP
and get my wireless internet connection back ?

Again, pls note I am not technical...


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