strange ThinkPad T23 power-on fault.

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I have an odd glitch with a T23 in otherwise new condition.

There appears to be some sort of loose connection on the interface
between the LCD/inverter and the system board that only affects
power-on. Often, the machine doesn't start when the power button is
pressed -- dead as a doornail, no power light. Adjusting the angle of
the lid whilst pressing the power bottom solves this problem and the
machine powers up as normal within a second or two, once the correct
angle is found.

Once it has powered up, however, changing the angle of the lid has no
discernible affect whatsoever, either on the LCD or the machine itself.

It must be a loose connection, seemingly on a minor component, and any
advice on where to find the culprit before I open it up?

I picked this up off eBay. Cosmetically it is as new and the lid hinges
are very tight, so I don't think it's seen much use, if any.

Any help will be much appreciated!

I've also posted this to the IBM group


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