strange silence from Acer TM 112

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I hope someone can help me diagnose a problem with sound from my Acer TM
C112 tablet pc. About a week ago, I stopped getting any noise out of the pc.
It won't drive the internal or external speakers or headphones. I ran
through all the tests in the so-called 'help and support' topics. I have
looked at the setup in device manager and it reports that everything is
working properly.

I tried reinstalling the drivers from the Acer support site and, euraka!,
the sound was working again. Only, when I rebooted, it went back to being
broke. Situation now is that I can have sound after I reinstall the drivers
and before the next reboot.

I have been messing around with the box installing new software and
generally adjusting system settings. It seems likely that one or other of
these processes has caused the problem but I have no idea what. I have tried
turning of the new software and stopping various things loading on start up
but it hasn't helped.

Has anyone any advice on:

what could be causing the problem, or;
how I might go about diagnosing it, or;
a website, group etc where more information might be available.



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