Strange power problem

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Hi, I have a Clevo/Kapok 1300 laptop. I tried to use it a few days ago
and it wouldn't turn on - it was completely dead - but I found that
plugging in an external monitor would make it work. The monitor doesn't
need to be turned on, just plugged in. When I unplug it from the laptop
I can see a small spark. It's as if the power is getting where it
shouldn't... everything is otherwise okay with it, and it's running off
the mains. When I unlpug the monitor it goes back to being 'dead'. I've
open the laptop up but everything looks okay.

Does anyone know what could be wrong?
Andrew Jones
andrewjjones at lineone dot net

Re: Strange power problem

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Sounds like a bad connection in the power supply (or the motherboard
connection) is preventing the ground from making contact.  Hooking up
another ground (through the monitor port) makes it work.  When the
battery is fully charged (plug in the monitor overnight to let it
charge) does it work off the battery?  Could be as simple as a new
power supply, or could require some motherboard work.  Does wiggling
the power supply cord where it plugs into the laptop change anything?

Re: Strange power problem

If its working on Ext monitor its an Inverter or backlight issue not a
power supply problem. Start the laptop and hold a light/ shine it
directly down from the top.. See if you can see the video working in
the background.  What type of laptop is this? we repair a ton of these
issues and can also help you if you are a "do it yourselfer"

Re: Strange power problem

ikenfixit wrote:
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Ah, sorry, but I should have said that when a monitor is not plugged in,
the laptop is *completely* dead - the power light does not come on, the
hard drive does not spin up and the fan doesn't turn.

Thanks anyway. BTW, what do you mean by what type of laptop is it?
Andrew Jones
andrewjjones at lineone dot net

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