=== stone dead laptop ===

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I am/was using a Compaq Laptop with Windows XP Service Pack 3.

It's not brand new but new enough to be usable for most everything
everyday. (?)

I tried loading some 'game' that was software bought a few years ago
and at least the box says needs-----400mhz,etc.etc. (computer here

The screen goes blank. I wait forever and no option will turn off
computer. I eventually just 'unplug it'.

I seemed to hear some strange low volume sound.  NEXT the computer
will not turn on. DEAD. DEAD.

Am I right if it's an operating system 'crash' I will at least see a
blank screen but the computer will at least turn on/off ????

Power Supply go bad ?? If so are they built into motherboard ?? Are
they fixable or not worth it ??

Re: === stone dead laptop ===

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Strange power would go bad when game installed ???
This was a good game that you owned - and not some cd that may have wiped
your BIOS setting ?
Remove from AC. Remove battery. Wait a minute or so. Plug into AC again.
Not sure of your model, but try this:   hold CTRL+ALT+T  while power on.
( If I remember correctly ) That should do a hard reset of PC to factory
setting. You should then see ( Again, if I remember correctly )  142 -
Resetting defaults
Then screen should go blank - reboot - and you'll see the "regular startup
BIOS screen"

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