Stick with a laptop/notebook with Vista or MacBook Pro with Mac OS X?

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I have a client (not a computer/techie expert) who is interested in
going from Windows world (3.x, 98 SE, 2000, and XP) to Mac OS X. I am
wondering if this is suitable for him. He did use Apple //c many years
ago with AppleWorks (text mode).

This is what he does on his PCs (notebooks/laptops and desktops):

1. MS Office 2000-2003. He shares a lots of English and asian
    documents between people (mostly MS products). I know MS Office
    exists for Mac OS X.
2. Read, write/type, and print Chinese and Korean documents and Web
    pages and software that use asian characters in datas). He used both
    MS IME (does Mac OS X comes with one?) and TwinBridge software
    (mostly for programs that can't display asian characters correctly
    like in Palm software with asian datas from Palm Treo 650--CJKOS).
3. Surf the Web and use Webmails via wireless connections (at home,
    WEP -- the most it can go on his old WAP). He is used to Firefox v2
    and IE6.
4. Shopping online.
5. Palm Treo 650 software and third party programs for Hotsynch and
    stuff via USB.
6. iTunes for his two iPods (recent Classic and old 2(?) GB Nano).
7. Watch DVDs, video files, streaming videos, etc.
8. Easy to use computer and requires very little support from people.
9. Compatible with his old USB printers (e.g., Epson Stylus Photo 785EPX
    from 2001 or so?).
10. Easy to do encryption/security on datas. I had to do a lot of
     malware cleanups (e.g., trojans) on his computers. Quite annoying
     even though I secured with bunch of programs, hosts file, etc.
11. CD and DVD burnings. I recall Mac OS X 10.2 didn't come with one on
     my old PowerBook G4.
12. Plenty of USB ports (no external hubs to carry) for his mice, iPod,
     Palm Treo 680, printer, etc.

Price isn't an issue either. I assume a MacBook Pro is enough to be
light and small for lots of travelling around the world. Or should he
stick with Windows world. However, all new laptop/notebooks from local
retail stores use Vista instead of XP, and the deadline to request it is
gone. :(

Thank you in advance. :)
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