Standby on Old Amerinote

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I have an old CompUSA Amerinote laptop that I bought used just for
really basic stuff.  It has Windows 2000, and does not properly support
APIC, so I use APM, despite its bugs.  The problem is that in any given
session, standby works properly once and only once.  I can successfully
bring the computer into and then out of standby (note that I'm using
Win2k terminology;  this really means suspend) once, but if I try to
use standby any more times without rebooting the computer (hibernating
and resuming doesn't count), it doesn't finish resuming and leaves me
with a blank screen right after I hear the hard drive start up.  It's
as if the computer "remembers" whether it has been in standby yet in a
given session.  The strange thing is that hibernation works just fine.
Can someone point me in the general direction I should be looking in to
solve this?  Thanks.

Re: Standby on Old Amerinote

I have found the problem and it appears to be my video drivers for my
ATI RAGE LT PRO.  When I use the default Win2k drivers, which suck in
other ways, my suspend works.  When I use the ones off ATI's site, it
does what I already described.  When I use later versions found by
googling, which were never officially released, suspend doesn't work at
all.  Anyone have any experience getting supsend to work with this
video card?  I've seen the issues about not being able to get into
suspend but my problem is that I can't get out of suspend.

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