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Apologies if this has been answered before, but in that case could someone
quote the answer!

I have a Toshiba Equium running the latest version of Windows XP with all
necessary updates. Irritatingly, it won't go into timed standby. You can
force it into standby by pressing the usual key combinations, but not by
telling it to go into standby after 15 (or whatever number) minutes.  The
monitor or HD will go off after the relevant minutes have passed, but it
won't go into either standby or hibernation by itself.

I have tried reinstalling Toshiba's power saving software again and again.
I'd rather not reinstall Windows if I can possibly avoid it. I have also got
rid of the dust clogging the vents, because that was causing the fan to run
a lot. It doesn't seem to be overheating now.

Other factors that might perhaps be important are that it has a Belkin
wireless card in the Cardbus socket, and usually has a keyboard connected to
the USB socket because I prefer typing on a full size keyboard.

Any suggestions to solve this problem? Thanks.

Re: Standby

Has it got some "wake on LAN" set that might be triggering it?

Re: Standby

The Todal wrote:
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Anything that runs periodically can cancel the timer.
Auto checking email.
Printers that monitor themselves are a common issue.
Antivirus sw that starts running when the system is idle.
Was the system working before you installed something?

Re: Standby

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Actually, earlier in the week I had persuaded it to work properly by (on a
random hunch) uninstalling "Microsoft APCI-Compliant System" from the device
manager, rebooting and then allowing it to detect and reinstall lots of
components.  Then I did a Windows Update and the problem began again.

I am tending towards blaming the wireless network card - I had better
experiment by removing that, to see if I'm right. But I have other laptops
which go into standby despite having a wireless network card.   As far as I
can see there is no "wake on LAN" item ticked. If the wireless LAN keeps
waking it up, I wonder if there is a registry entry or something to tell it
to stop doing so?

Re: Standby

The Todal wrote:
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Sounds like you have your answer: windows update.
M$ is probably checking to make sure you don't use any of their bugs
in violation of your EULA.
Run a real firewall, virus scanner, browser, stay out of the porn sites
and just say no to windows update.
Would you leave your front door unlocked and allow anybody to come
into your house any time they want and rearrange/replace/modify your
furniture without your permission?  Wait till you get Vista and allow
them to TAKE your furniture without recourse.

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