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We have had the atx, at etc form factors for years, why is that as of yet we
still haven't seen a standard form factor for laptops. I know companys watch
their bottom lines, but surely if you could build a laptop as easily as a
desktop the market would explode, everyone like portable. Sure it might mean
that some manufactures might not be able to be as adventurous as before with
their designs but i'm sure they could still make it work.

After all most of the products are availible on the open market Drives, hdd,
mini pci cards, cpu's, ram, etc. It would be just like sff pc's, but

I know you can sort a build a laptop based on a chassis that you can
purchase from manufactures such as asus and aopen, but is the limit of

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Re: Standard form factor

Veritech wrote:
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I'd like to see that as well, in addition to standard lcd form factors and
interface architecture.  I don't understand why I have to throw away my
perfectly good (and expensive--when new) Thinkpad 560e's 12" tft lcd, just
because the computer is kaput...yet there is almost no use for it, except to
resurect another Thinkpad.


Re: Standard form factor

maybe if we banded together(like that will ever happen, lol) we got force
the manufactures to come up with a solution as modern laptops are simply an
environmental hazard as their pastics serve no purpose afterwards, or
something to that affect.

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