SSD with ambiguous data rate

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Hi! I've been looking for a SSD with PATA interface which does its
best to saturate ATA133 bandwith.  What do you think about such an
Did anybody any benchmarks for this product, like e.g. CrystalDiskMark

The confusion is especially about its ambiguous description of a
transfer rate
"120M read and 80M write speed. Pls. note this is the potential speed
of the disk but in real world, performance will be capped by the
limitation of PATA interface.
Notice: PATA interface, although support 133MB/s by specification, can
never go above 65MB/s in real application. Our disk will run at the
full capacity of PATA, at around 65MB/s. There is no disk can break
that barrier."

Please, also look at their site:
looks convincing, but the assertion about PATA's limitation already
If ATA100 interface limited transfer to 66MB/s so why were these
benchamrk results:
(please look at the bottom of page where the results for PATA devices
are put)

Thanks in advance for any useful remarks!

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