Spilled water on keyboard!

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s'pilled water on the keyboagrds on my Hp Ze2009ap.. still under
wgrgranty. some keys are reassigned.. example. 'h' become 'hu', p
becomes 'p.. dont tell me to use hairdryer coz i ain't got one.

'pls hel'p..thx

Re: Spilled water on keyboard!

Let's see, what's more expensive, a $12 hair dryer or $600 to replace a
motherboard .....

If you are very lucky, after things dry out (days for sure, could be a
week or more) things will work ok.

On the other hand, the water may continue to "drip down" and get into
more places, and the entire computer could be trashed, and it's a type
of damage that is not covered by warranty.

Wipe what you can, turn the computer upside down, wipe more, use a hair
drier ..... if you know how to do it, remove the keyboard and get what
you can under the keyboard.  The keyboard is really the least of the
problems, since replacing the keyboard isn't THAT expensive.  It will be
a much worse scenario if water gets into the motherboard, power supply
(usually on the motherboard) or drives.  You could be looking at a near
total loss, and spills are not covered by warranty.

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Re: Spilled water on keyboard!

haha..i did nothing and evrything went ok after 2 days,.. thanks ..

Re: Spilled water on keyboard!

You are very lucky.  Don't count on such luck in the future.

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