Specs of Laptop? Upgrading hard drive.

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  Eighteen months ago I bought a laptop, which I am now wanting to upgrade
the hard drive on.
  The laptop is a Toshiba Satellite A30 (P4 3.06HT, 512KB L2 cache, 533MHz
FSB, 40GB HD, 768MB RAM, DVD-R-RW etc.). After speaking to a technician
about upgrading the hard drive to a Seagate ST910021A notebook drive (100GB,
7200rpm, 8MB cache, ATA-6/100), I was advised to check that my laptop was
capable of 'accepting' that drive, i.e. ATA-6/100 & 7200rpm. The technician
said that I should be able to find that information on the Toshiba website.
  I have downloaded the pdf file for my laptop, but have been unable to find
the information I require. Can anyone help? I live and bought the laptop in
New Zealand, if that is of any help.



Re: Specs of Laptop? Upgrading hard drive.

The advice was BS.  So what if the laptop doesn't support ATA-6; all of
the drives are backwards compatible.  And there is no "compatability"
for rotational speed.

Your only possible issues are:

-Power consumption (and heat generation)
-Can the laptop handle a 100GB drive [VERY unlikely to be a problem]

You shouldn't have any problems

RocketMan wrote:

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Re: Specs of Laptop? Upgrading hard drive.

  Thanks for the advice, Barry.
  I have installed the hard drive, and are VERY pleased with it! Quiet!!
Fast! Heaps of space! What more could you want?!!


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