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Based on a number of posts I've seen to these two groups, I thought
many would be interested to know of the following two
limited-time-offers from Dell I just learned of:

1. FREE 3-5 Day Shipping & Handling with ALL new Dell PCs purchased

2. No Interest for 12 Months "For best-qualified customers"

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Re: Special Offers from Dell

Don't waste your money on the Dell laptops and notebooks until they start
offering the same Core 2 Duo chipsets available in desktops.  Laptop and
notebooks will be getting the new chipsets soon.  The Core 2 Duo should
offer a substantial performance increase over the Core Duo technology that
is currently employed in desktop technology.


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Re: Special Offers from Dell

Actually, there have already been some benchmarks comparing the notebook
version of Core 2 Duo (Merom; the desktop version was Conroe) with
current chips, and there is very little difference between the notebook
Core 2 Duo and the current laptop versions of Core Duo.  Only about 3%
performance difference, and virtually no difference in power
consumption.  I don't have the link, but it was in this newsgroup about
3 weeks ago.

sharkbait999 wrote:

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Re: Special Offers from Dell

On Mon, 28 Aug 2006 00:39:44 GMT, "BMonroe(nospam)"

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I don't know which to believe. A man speaks from both sides of his
mouth.  I saw this message by googling.

 From:  Barry Watzman - view profile
Date:  Mon, Aug 7 2006 4:29 pm  
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The difference between "Core Duo" and "Core 2 Duo" is HUGE.  Core 2
Duo (code name Conroe (desktop) and Merom (laptop)) is the biggest
advance in processors in 6 years.  Core 2 Duo desktop beats
EVERYTHING, every single processor previously made by either Intel or
AMD.  The 2nd slowest of the 6 currently announced Conroe processors
beats the fastest previously existing processors by AMD and Intel (and
I'm talking about the $1,000 "Exteme Edition") by 15% to 20% on most
benchmarks.  And it does it while using half the power.

Re: Special Offers from Dell

My earlier post was based only on the desktop processors, and is
accurate with respect to those.  At the time, I had not seen any
benchmarks on the mobile Core 2 processors.  In response to exactly the
post that you cite, I was directed to a review/benchmark that was
conducted on the mobile processors (and you can find that review in the
replies to that message).  Based on that additional information, it
appears that while the difference is huge with respect to desktops, it
is small with regard to the mobile chips.

baddley wrote:

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Re: Special Offers from Dell

BMonroe(nospam)" <"BMonroe(nospam) wrote:
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I'm so glad there are a lot of you who buys into I need a faster
computer stuff. As I wait and I'll buy the same thing a couple of years
down the road for peanuts. Because the next generation of the latest is
greatest is out and all of your are quickly grabbing that one up for big
bucks and paying for all of the R&D for the next generation. lol Oh and
thank you! :D

Re: Special Offers from Dell

BillW50 wrote:
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It's rather amusing.

While I'm sure a number of purchasers actually need the fastest processors
available, I'd say the vast majority are using their computers primarily
for surfing, email, etc.



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