Speakers on my laptop are rumbling

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Suddenly a strange rumbling sound is coming from my speakers, even
when i don't have any audio program running. It sounds like the sound
you used to hear on old manual phonographs when a record finished
playing and you hadn't lifted the tonearm off yet. (Or the sound when
you had just placed the tonearm on the record but it hadn't reached
the music track yet.)

At first I thought the sound was coming from my hard drive but was
relieved to find it was the speakers!

Anyone know what this is and what to do about it? Thanks.

Re: Speakers on my laptop are rumbling

How old is your PC? What brand?
Can you hear clear sound on the earphone or is it the same strange thing?
When you boot up do you hear it as well or only in the OS? Which OS are u
and so on, more infos! With this little provided no one can help you

Re: Speakers on my laptop are rumbling

Steven Kraus wrote:
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Quoted text here. Click to load it
are u

It's about 5 years old, a Compaq Presario 1825. I don't hear the sound
on the earphone, and when I plug the earphone in, the sound from the
speaker stops--then resumes again when I unplug the earphone. Have no
problem hearing music on either the earphone or the speakers. It's just
this background sound that is always there (though it varies in
intensity) and wasn't there before.

I use Windows 98 SE. Yes, I hear the sound when I boot up, before
Windows starts.

Thanks for any suggestions.

Re: Speakers on my laptop are rumbling

The sound is not to be heard on the earplug- but you can hear it on the
speakers, right? You could try to click the volumecontrol in the task bar
and to disable one by one to see if it makes any difference. First pitch
them up to the highest voume- be cautious not to hurt your ears.
It could be as well thew hard disk which is interfering with the soundchip
ot the cables- did you change the HDD some time before this?
If there is sound only on the speakers- you could open the laptop and see if
there is something wrong with them, dust, broken membrane,..

Re: Speakers on my laptop are rumbling

Open the mixer, make sure MIC REC is MUTED.

Re: Speakers on my laptop are rumbling

bobb wrote:
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Where do I find the mixer? I don't see anything called MIC REC in the
volume control.


Right, I couldn't hear it on the earplugs. Plugging the earplugs in
muted the sound from the speakers, and unplugging it resumed the sound.

I think I did try lowering the volume before but I think it didn't
work...but don't recall exactly... Can't do it now because the sound is
not there now...it comes and goes.

I replaced my hard disk but that was a year and a half ago and no
strange sound until now.

It's quite possible the speakers or connections are dusty or
something...I'm a slob about caring for my computer :o)

I have the laptop open now and don't see anything unusual looking about
the speakers...

Re: Speakers on my laptop are rumbling

The mixer ist ocated in Start-> systemcontrolset-> audio and sound. There
you as well are able to show the icon in the task pane.
In the Options menue you can switch to record and try to see something.
If you oly hear it on the speakers but not in the earplug, it seems to be
aproblem in the cables, the speaker themselfs or maybe only a drivrer
problem, did you tried the last working or/ and the latest driver?
The sound comes and goes??
Hm, dunno not from here.
Last thing would be to try different positions to get it back- if you want
to ;)

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Re: Speakers on my laptop are rumbling

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That's a great description of the sound that my old Gateway Solo developed,
at the same time when the connection between the base and the screen (hidden
in the hinge, I believe) got to be iffy. (The problem was fixed once under
warranty, then came back a couple of years later.)  It got so that the
screen often got silvery or went blank, or I got only a partial display made
of lines spaced-apart, and the temporary fix was to repeatedly adjust the
angle of the screen until the connection came back. These movements would
also produce the noise, and eventually the noise was just there all the time
(until I just kept the sound mut). So if you are having any display problem
like that, it might be related.

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