Sound card/Power LED issues (Compaq Presario R3000)

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My sister has a Compaq Presario R3000 Laptop. The sound card on it
will die and
not work again until you put pressure on part of the
case (near the mouse). I
opened the case up and looked, but there is
nothing but a heat shield where the
pressure is required. It will
take a serious effort to get to the sound riser
card, but it looks to
be in there firmly. Has anyone had issues with this
before, or any
clues as to the problem?

The other thing, I am not sure wheither
it is my fault or it never
worked, but the LED on the power button does not work
nor does the
LED that shows the mouse is on. I know I didn't bump them because
they are under the MB. Has  anyone had these problems or a clue as to
how to fix

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