Sony won't work on battery

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I have a Sony PCG F370 with dual batteries. The two batteries were
working fine for over a year. Good life from each one.

Sometime recently I replaced the original 12GB hard drive with a 40GB
unit. This required opening the case and removing the keyboard. Before
I figured out how to get the keyboard out, I had unnecessarily removed
several case screws from the back and bottom of the laptop. I
eventually got the HD replaced. That was about two months ago. All was
fine until just this week when I needed to run the laptop on battery.
No go. It has zero battery time even though the battery meter in
Windows show a full charge. I've tried it with each battery seperately
and both together.

I figure I screwed something up when I replaced the HD. Any thoughts
on what I might have done? Are there any fuses or other tricks to get
the battery working again? I haven't actually tested the batteries so
I don't know if the problem is that the laptop simply won't run off
the batteries or if the batteries aren't getting charged. But this was
working before I replaced the HD and one of the batteries is under a
year old.

Ken Long

(Reply address works as is.)

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