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if there are any owners of this model out there, I would like to read
their comments based on their experience.

I am interested especially about:
- the quality of the screen, (except that it is 17" 1920x1200),
- if the anti-glare coating or treatment is visible,
- how good is it's viewing angle and
- about any defective pixels and Sony's policy.

- about the noise of the fan.

There is also a strange thing about this model. I think that ALL the
pictures for this model in the various sites are wrong including Sony's
website and I think that the only picture that has to do with this
particular model is the one that shows:

The main differences are that in this photo you can see
a. the included bluetooth headset in a socket engraved on the surface
of the laptop and
b. the embedded webcamera on the top of the screen.

So can anyone verify me that THIS is the true picture for this model?

P.S  by the way, the pcpro website keeps asking me for a registration
"to continue viewing..." and in the form, they require from me to write
my phone number!!!!!
Maybe I should give them my girlfriend's mobile number too to see more
pages, should I?


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