Sony Vaio TX3HP Questions (and can a Core Solo be upgraded to a Core Duo?)

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Hey there :)

I want this baby (the Vaio TX3HP/W) so bad, I just don't know if I
should wait for a Core Duo version or what...

In that respect, I have a couple of questions:
- Is this indeed a Core Solo, as I've heard rumors that sometimes a
Pentium M is dubbed "Core Solo" for marketing reasons? It should run
@667 MHz bus speed if it's a Core processor, right?
- Is it possible to pull out the Solo and put in a Duo later one if I
wanted to, or are the two processors not interchangeable?
- Does anybody have any benchmarks on the Core Solo 1.1 GHz processor?
That is, compared to my old ultraportable, which is a 1.5 GHz Pentium
M. Should I expect more, less, or pretty much the same?
- Also, and this is a funky question... I live in Denmark, but Sony
Denmark doesn't carry the Vaio TX. This means that I have to get it
from another country. Germany seems like a really good option, since
they're pretty cheap, but I'm not sure about the keyboard. Of course,
the markings on the keys will be different, but I don't really care
about that as I only look at the keyboard when I need to align my
hands... I just need to make sure there's no other kind of nasty
possible surprise here, like different wiring meaning that it's not
just the markings on the keyboard that differ, but also the physical
wiring, or that possibly the number of keys is different so that I
suddenly find myself missing an important key...

Okay guys, thanks for any info :)


Re: Sony Vaio TX3HP Questions (and can a Core Solo be upgraded to a Core Duo?)

Never mind, I ordered it yesterday, it's on its way now :)

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