Sony VAIO Touchpad: gmail, other issues

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I'm hoping someone else has had a similar problem and found some
resolution; I've been searching and trying everything and can't seem
to get this resolved.

I have a Sony VAIO VGN-C140G.  Problem sporadic at first, now
When it was sporadic (and then fixable), I would notice that, upon
starting up, if I went to open explorer, or any other application,
that clicking on it would open a menu rather than just starting the
application.  (When working properly, it would automatically just
open).  Not that this was such a big deal, but when I try to use my
Gmail account, none of my messages will open.  I can click on the
envelope in my Google toolbar, opens the mail, but that's it - I can't
open any of the messages.  The cursor turns into the little hand like
it's going to open the link, but nothing happens.  This doesn't occur
in yahoo mail or any other site or page I've found.  But because I use
Gmail as my primary personal mail, this is extremely irritating!

I followed the instructions for troubleshooting and uninstalling the
driver.  Doing this seemed to put it back to normal and it would work
fine for awhile.  Then one day I would start up, and it would be doing
it again.  Yesterday, it started again and nothing seems to be turning
it around.  I tried my usual trick - nothing.  I tried reinstalling
the ALPS touchpad driver from the Sony VAIO website - nothing.  I
found something on a message board about Fn F7 - nothing.  I'm having
trouble finding anything else that seems even that specific.

Has anyone else heard of, had this problem, or found any sort of
solution??  Any help would be so greatly appreciated.  Thanks so much,

Re: Sony VAIO Touchpad: gmail, other issues

Re: "I followed the instructions for troubleshooting and uninstalling
the driver."

What driver?  A typical laptop will have a dozen drivers, plus the
hundred or so built into Windows.

If you think that the problem is with the touchpad, try an external mouse.

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diagnostic (Memtest or Memtest86) wrote:
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Re: Sony VAIO Touchpad: gmail, other issues

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I don't know much about all the really technical stuff. As far as the
driver question, I just followed the instructions for
"troubleshooting" from the VAIO website.  They said to uninstall the
ALPS touchpad driver.  And doing this used to fix it, now it does

Why would something like this only affect gmail?  Isn't that odd in
itself?  Is there something about gmail that would make it be the only
thing affected like this?

I'd really like to get the touchpad to work. I can hook up an external
mouse, sure, but I'd rather just use the touchpad.

Thanks again.

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