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I just purchased a Vaio VGN-S460 and am curious what the battery life
should be while the computer is in stand by mode.

This is my situation.  I had my computer on all day at work plugged in,
and the battery fully charged.  I have the setting so when I close the
lid on the computer it goes into standby.  At 5:30pm I closed the lid
on my laptop, the computer went into standby, and I unplugged the cord
and put it into its case.

At around 10:30pm I took the computer out of the case, and noticed it
was very hot (almost as hot as it gets when normally running).  I
opened the lid, and hit the space bar to take it out of standby mode
(which indicated that it truly was in standby).  I then immediately
noticed that the battery was down to 22%.  So basically in 5 hours of
standby mode my battery drained 3/4 of its capacity.

I also noticed this last night.  I closed the lid on the computer
before I went to bed, and made sure the computer went into standby
mode.  I put it in it's case.  When I took it out at work this morning,
it went into hibernate mode because the battery was totally drained.

I can leave my Thinkpad and Sharp laptops in standby mode for days at a
time without the battery discharging.

I know the battery is good since it can hold a charge for 2 to 3 hours
while I am working on it without completely discharging.

It seems as if the laptop is leaving a bunch of things on in standby
since it stays very warm.

Any comments?  Thanks.

Re: Sony Vaio Stand By Time

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Stand by draws power to the tune of 5-7 % per day on my ThinkPad.
Besides, there is no reason to keep the compueter in the stand by mode for long
- let
it hibernate instead.

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Disable the screen saver - set it to none (screen savers make no sense on LCD
anyway...) and try changing the power management profiles.
                                    AC                        Battery
Turn off display            10 minutes                5 minutes
Turn off hard drives        20                            10
Stand by                        30                            15
Hibernate                      60                            20

There are also other settings that can wake it up from stand by, such as the
network, settings in your email programs (check for new messages...) LAN wake up
("magic packet"), a virus/trojan attempting to "call home",  etc.

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