Sony Vaio Random Shutdowns

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Hello all,

I am now officially frustrated with my Sony Vaio GRV-550 laptop (Win XP
Pro, P4, 512MB Ram, 8GB free disk space).    Everything was fine until
a few months ago, the computer started shutting down without any notice
or error messages.   A full system shutdown occurs (not just the

The system usually crashes when I perform a full scan using either one
of the following:  Norton Antivirus, Adaware SE, Spybot, Panda Software
and HouseCall by TrendMicro.

* I tried running all the above programs in safe mode as well - the
computer still went down.

* There is no specific file that crashes the system when it is being

* I keep my laptop raised with a free air-flow underneath it (as Sony's
laptop really tend to heat up like crazy.

1) Is it possible that the computer's hardware does not support XP Pro
(was originally shipped with Home edition)?
2) If system heating is the issue - how can I monitor the temperature
in real-time?
3) How can I verify that this is not an Adware/Virus issue?   Which one
of the programs out there should I use?

Your help is greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance,

Re: Sony Vaio Random Shutdowns


Fix consist of cleaning the cooling assembly and/or replace.

Re: Sony Vaio Random Shutdowns


Thank you for your reply.   Are disk scanning programs very
resource-intensive?   I monitored my CPU usage during the different
scans and it was never higher than 70%-80%.
Should I just remove the keyboard and the ton of screws on the way to
the fan and use a duster on it?

Thanks again!

Re: Sony Vaio Random Shutdowns

Bobb was absolutely right.   I cleaned the fan and was able to run full
scans of AdAware, SpyBot, Norton Antivirus, and Spy Sweeper without a
single undesired shutdown.   Thanks Bobb!!

For those of you who have the same problem or are just curious, here is
my contribution: the cleaning process:
1) The GRV series has a little screw on the left side of the computer,
to the right of the firewire jack.   Remove this one and slide the
panel with the power button to the left.   If necessary, you can unplug
the little power cord by pulling it very gently upwards.
2) Remove the keyboard screw which is in the middle of the computer and
that was hidden underneath the front (top) panel that you just removed.
 Lift the keyboard and remove it gently.  There is no need to unplug
3) Remove the screws (5-6) that hold the metal board protection.
4) Now you have access to the system fan.  Clean it with a can of
compressed air (short bursts and make sure it can be used on
5) Put everything back in place.
TIP: keep the screws in the order that you took them out as they come
in a few different sizes.

Good luck!

Re: Sony Vaio Random Shutdowns wrote:
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The GRV series is notorious for accumulations of fibers/fur/etc on the
inlet to the heat pipe radiator.  Usually, the fix requires that the fan
be physically removed to remove the felt-like accumulation.  Dust
cleaner will help, but when the GRV is in overheat shutdown, the fan
should be removed to completely remove the accumulation.


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