Sony Vaio PCV-RZ44G rebooting

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I know this is a laptop forum, but it seemed like the best place to
post to get an answer.

My sister's Vaio desktop keeps spontaneously rebooting after about 2
minutes.  My first guess was over heating, cleaned out the fans...
after a reboot I checked the bios HW monitor and the CPU temp was 92F
and the board was 86F.  I found 1 bad memory stick (out of 3) but the
computer reboots with the other 2 (in the system individually).  I
find it unlikely that all 3 sticks would be bad???  The computer was
running XP media ed. when the problem started , so I plugged in a
spare hard drive with a fresh copy of XP pro (and the Auto Restart on
system failure turned off) and the problem continued.  No blue screen,
just a restart.  Any ideas????

Re: Sony Vaio PCV-RZ44G rebooting

Jason S typed on Fri, 4 Jan 2008 19:07:56 -0800 (PST):
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I have some ideas...

1) Pull the battery out and run it on AC. A bad battery can draw a lot
of power and might be drawing too much.

2) The adapter itself could be faulty and it could be overheating.

3) Does it run forever when you turn on the computer and go into Setup?
Can it stay on running in Safe Mode? If so, get back to us.

email: change kom to com

Re: Sony Vaio PCV-RZ44G rebooting

Jason S wrote:
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First thing to do is to turn off the auto reboot on error; advanced
properties in device manager.  This permits you to see the actual error
blue screen, from which you can copy ALL of the error details.

 From there, you can Google the error code, that will usually bring up
the microsoft knowledge base details on the error either at microsoft's
site or on an help forum.


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