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I was put in charge of seeing if a PCG-TR2AP could be resurrected. When
I got it it was a bit flakey.  Some times it would POST and Boot fine.
Other times you had to try 3-4 times to get the thing to turn on.

As I was using it I was able to re install WinXP SP2 and various other
programs. All of a sudden it stopped POSTing. The lights would come on.
I can hear the HD spin up, the DVD click to life, but nothing else.
LED's Power On, Battery blinks once, HD blinks once when the HD spins
up, then just the Power LED stays on.

If I have the battery in or out same results. When the battery is in,
and the AC is unplugged, the battery LED is on, but that's it.

I tried changing memory slots. I opened it up and it looked like the
ribbon cable from the daughter board under the palm rest to the main
board was shot, so I replaced that. I'm not sure what else to try.

Any help would be appreciated.

Re: Sony Vaio PCG-TR2AP No POST - HELP

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If this has been opened previously, I suspect that the cable to the
power switch has been damaged.  I have not been into a TR series, but
Sony uses a lot of fragile push-in ribbon cables on Vaio laptops that
are very easily damaged if not handled correctly.  Alternatively, the HD
is failing.  Does this have a Toshiba 1.8" HD?  Go to Toshiba and see if
they have a drive health utility.  I seem to recall that they do not.
You can download Everest Home edition (free) and, if you can get booted,
use it to examine the SMART data for the drive.

There are a couple of TR series forums.  I only have this one
bookmarked: It might have
specific help.


Re: Sony Vaio PCG-TR2AP No POST - HELP

I did a quick check on various ribbon cables, and connectors. Looks
like I'll have to dig deeper.

Yes it does have a Toshiba. I'll see if I can run some diags on that...
now that you mention it, I loaded the OS because of a boot sector
corruption. The previous user claims there was a virus, but that could
have been the HD failing... Hmmm...

I will check around the TR forum you suggested.

Thank you!

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