Sony Vaio PCG-FX501

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I have a Sony Vaio PCG-FX501 and i have to replace the motherboard,
does anyone know of any good sites (or some bad ones) that sell parts
for Sony laptops???

thanks in advance


Re: Sony Vaio PCG-FX501

Aj wrote:
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I don't see an entry for the FX501.  Call them and they will be able to
provide availability and pricing.  I've purchase many Sony parts from
them.  Good service; pricing is another matter but they do sell new
factory parts.


Re: Sony Vaio PCG-FX501

On Wed, 9 Nov 2005 Quaoar wrote:

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I note that the original poster seems to be in the UK; unless he has
friends or relatives in the US who trust him enough to order and pay for
the parts for him, he's going to be SOL.

Spare Parts Warehouse only accept US credit cards, will only ship to US
postal addresses, and the Access USA service they recommend for getting
a temporary US forwarding address is insanely expensive for one-off

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Re: Sony Vaio PCG-FX501

Any fx series board will suffice unless you want to run the origional
recovery disk set that came with the notebook.. All of the MBX 49
systemboards are the same config and design except a file written to
bios for the recovery set. What is the issue w/your board? Weve
repaired a ton of these and they are an excellent machine. If you do
find say an FX370 board.. You will most likely need to reload the OS
but recover any data prior.  Just installing the drive will give you
a blue screen error.. Good luck!

Re: Sony Vaio PCG-FX501

Actually we have an associate in the UK..   and
we could send a board to him to reship. Would be alot cheaper still.
(Most likely around 279.00 plus 20 for ship).. Thanx for the update
on the location Kevin  as I didnt notice this.

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