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I have a FX310 here, and the LCD monitor isn't working properly. It's
always extremely dim, as if there is no backlight. I used to be able to
play with the latch button in front to make it come on at times, but
now it doesn't come on at all.

Also, when it used to work, the screen would have a red tint when I
would turn it on, until it "warmed up"... This was of course until it
decided not to come on at all.

I'm wondering what part could be broken, be it the latch button or the
screen itself. If I can find out exactly what the problem is, I could
buy a replacement part.

Any ideas?

Re: Sony VAIO PCG-FX310 wrote:
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The pink cast says that the fluorescent lamp has been failing.  Since
you will have to open the LCD frame to repair, you might as well install
a new inverter board also.  This repair might not appropriate for you to
undertake; only you can decide this.

Parts can be found from: /

If you need service: try here: These people
repair Vaio laptops and have a decent reputation from posters on the


Re: Sony VAIO PCG-FX310

be warned laptop spares are ridiclously expensive

i have the model under yours fx 201, good computers, brought mine in 2001.

In case you ever wanna upgrade anyparts in it or anything check out this
I've upgraded the HHD and ram in mine thanks to the helpful directions,
there is also some good stuff on disassembly.

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Re: Sony VAIO PCG-FX310

Veritech wrote:
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In particular, *Sony* laptop spares!


Re: Sony VAIO PCG-FX310

So does this mean I have to replace the LCD, or something inside, or
both? I'm perfectly capable of handling any electronic components and
putting them in myself, but I just need to know which part is bad.

Even if parts are expensive, it'd be cheaper doing it myself than
sending it back to sony to do it for me

Re: Sony VAIO PCG-FX310

I just looked up about inverters... If it's just the inverter, then I
may be fine... but I may need to replace the screen... and to this
date, I still can't get the laptop fully apart -- some screws just
refuse to come out without stripping them. I can't get my CPU fan off,
and I don't know how to get the screen off.. I can't find anything
that's holding it in

Re: Sony VAIO PCG-FX310

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My FX-340 is at the "pink" stage. every time the screen turns on I have a
pink screen. I wonder how long it'll be till it dies.... Please let me know
how your repair went, as I may need to do that at some point.

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