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Hi all,

Some of you might remember my earlier post here (thanks again for your
helpful replies) - I'm after an ultra light/portable laptop,
previously with a full sized keyboard. However, I've visited some
shops today and saw the Samsung Q40 (it's PINK! i.e. not for me, but I
loved the size and design), as well as the Sony Vaio mini notebooks.
Specifically, the SZ and TX series. The SZ ones - a few listed here: - have
full sized keyboards, the TX are smaller (90% keyboard size? I'm not
sure), a few are listed here:

I've a couple of questions. First off, has anyone got experience using
the smaller keypads of the TX-style ultraportables? As I'm going to be
writing longish documents. I'm an extremely fast typist, and it's hard
to get a feel with 5 minutes in the shop. Do you get used to the
keyboards, or do you find them a hinderence at all?

Secondly, are there any alternatives to the Vaios? I love the look and
style of them - any other similar stylish makes? The Samsung Q40
springs to mind (but not in such a pink colour :). The price is quite
steep, and I'm sure other brands would be cheaper. Are Macs a
possiblity here?

Thirdly, I can't work out the difference between the various TX vaios.
VGN-TX3, TX5MN/W and VGN-TX5XN/B (all listed on that link above) have
slightly different prices. Are there different designs to them or
something (from the pictures, it seems so)?

Finally, are there older models of Vaios that have the same look/
weight, just slower processors? As I don't need the fastest processor
or greatest graphics - as I said, it's ease and comfort and
portability I'm after, specifically for word processing. Wireless
internet access and easy ability to swap documents between it and my
PC are also good.

Thanks for any answers to some, all or none of these questions :)


Re: Sony Vaio mini laptops

jd wrote:
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Alternatives: Dell's ultralights.  Latitude 600 series as I recall.

About the Vaio ultralights, you need to access the 'specification' page
for each, print out, and compare.

My wife has a Tr-3a, with 1Ghz pentium.  She loves this notebook.  The
screen is exceptionally clear, but very small at 1024x768 for my tast.
I can, with a little practice, use the keyboard; she has no problems.

For my money, Sony is at least as good as the average notebook.


Re: Sony Vaio mini laptops


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    Check the operating systems. Typically Sony uses a different model
designation for each available OS.
    The predecessors to the TX line was TR, before that, X and Z
designated lighter models.
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