Sony it dead?

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Hello All,
I have a couple of questions about a Sony Vaio (PCG-FRV26) I recently
purchased on Ebay. It does power up, and charge the battery, but, no
video shows on the screen or a monitor (no cursor, boot into Bios etc).
Should I check the inverter and backlight as well? I think this might be
either a video card problem, or a processor problem. Would I be correct
in assuming that? I do know that it has a 2.8GHZ processor, and the
laptop seems to be unchanged from its' original configuration. Other
than that, I am new to this computer, and have no other info. The other
questions I have involve minor items. First, is there a way I might
procure restore disks from Sony without spending an arm and a leg?
Secondly, can I even get a video card, or will I need to replace the
mobo? Finally, I know this system has WinXP, but, is there a way to load
Win ME with an upgrade to WinXP, and just get drivers? If so, How?
Thanks for your help
(P.S. I posted this to just fix it as well, but I think I mis-posted,
as this is a laptop question)

Re: Sony it dead?

Arrow782001 typed on Tue, 1 Jan 2008 11:33:49 -0600:
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Well the laptop display could be working, just the backlight is out. Use
a flashlight or a bright light and see if you can faintly see anything
on the screen at all. Secondly all laptops I have seen won't display
anything on the external monitor until you switch to it. By the Fn key
or through the Windows display proberties. If the backlight is out... it
is almost always either the lamp itself or the inverter. Depending on
the model, an inverter can be had as cheap as 10 bucks for a used one on
eBay. And lamps cost anywhere from 10 to 50 bucks in most cases.

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Re: Sony it dead?

try connecting a regular monitor to it. If the monitor works then it is the
If it doesn't then of course it is something else.
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Re: Sony it dead?

I just got a pIII sony laptop without any ram. When it had no ram in it
it turned on but the display was blank, After i put the correct ram
in it it worked perfect, so check the ram.

Arrow782001 wrote:

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