Sony Vaio Hard-Drive Removal

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Is it okay to remove the hard drive from my Sony Vaio (FXA32)?  Is
this recommended?

My computer has crashed and I will need to back up my harddrive before
running system recovery.  A friend mentioned that the hard-drive can
be removed, and placed into an external device (he owns one) from
which it can be plugged into another computer.

I checked a SONY Site and it says not to remove the harddrive.

So now I am not sure what to do?  What would you suggest are the best

If it is okay to remove the hard-drive, is it straight-forward enough
to do this?  I've opened the front part of my laptop, and can see it
resting their though am not sure what it is connected to as I have not
taken the screwdriver to other parts next to it.


Re: Sony Vaio Hard-Drive Removal (John V.) wrote:
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Sure, as long as you can get to it, and are careful with the
connectors, there's no problem with taking it out.

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Most normal users should not remove the drive in normal operation, but
if you know what you are doing there should be no problem.

Re: Sony Vaio Hard-Drive Removal

William P.N. Smith wrote:

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The thing to watch for, if the machine is still under warranty, is any "do
not remove" seals, the removal or breakage of which would void the

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Re: Sony Vaio Hard-Drive Removal

You can get an adapter that adapts the 2.5" IDE to 3.5" Ide and insert
the drive in place of one of your CD/DVD Rom drives or an empty IDE
connector on your desktop, reboot and Windows will recognize it, then
use an imaging program to make a clone or an image.  Probably the
simplest/cheapest way to do it unless you know someone with an
external usb/firewire case.  Adapters are about $3 each or less.


On 3 Dec 2004 11:28:18 -0800, (John V.) wrote:

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Re: Sony Vaio Hard-Drive Removal

Take out the one screw on the left side of the power/speaker panel..
!!!(BATT AND POWER  DISCONNECTED)!!! Slide it right.. Lift up... 1
ribbon cable to motherboard from this.. Pull straight up. 1 screw in
front of keyboard.. Keboard has a ribbon cable as well.. Has a wedge
style connector on the board. pull straight up. hard drive is now
accessible 4 screws and the caddy lifts out.simple push on connector
to the MB. Pull hard drive and recover.. Before reinstalling keyboard
lift the wedge or outside retainer up on the board rbon and push the
retainer down to re-wedge.. Pretty easy stuff.

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