Sony Vaio & External Monitor....

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Hi.  I have a Sony Vaio with USB mouse and keyboard attached. I also
use an external monitor. I can use Fn & F7 to switch between the LCD
screen and the external monitor, and I can use both simultaneously.

What I'd like to be able to do though is close the LCD screen and use
only the USB / external monitor *without* the laptop shutting down /
hibernating but I can't figure out how to do so.

Can somebody help me please?

Re: Sony Vaio & External Monitor....

Rafael wrote:
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Likely cannot be done. Closing the notebook monitor will do what you
request: nothing (bad, heat buildup, destroy monitor), standby, or

Some notebooks, with the port replicator, will do what you want: close
the screen and use only an external monitor. You will need to inquire of
Sony what their port replicators do.


Re: Sony Vaio & External Monitor....

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Providing it is not running a bastardised version of Windows where the
normal functionality has been disabled:

1. Right click anywhere on the desktop and select 'Properties'.

2. Select the 'Screen Saver' tab and click the 'Power' button.

3. Now select the 'Advanced' Tab.

4. Under 'Power buttons' set the drop down box under 'When I press the sleep
button on my computer' to 'Do nothing'.

I can't speak for the Vaio, but a few laptops generate sufficient heat in
the wrong places to damage the internal LCD display when the lid is closed
(even if it is unpowered).

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