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Hi everyone

Thinking about buying one of these dinky old subnotebooks, but had a
few questions about it - hopefully someone has personal experience.

1. Has the P2 400Mhz chip got enough power to play high bitrate Divx
movies? e.g. your typical Divx 5.0 700mb film? I suspect that with
this chip might be cutting it tight?

2. Does the laptop get overly warm or noisy?

3. Is it possible to watch DVDs over an external drive - or is it not
powerful enough.

4. How is it to touchtype on, and the mouse-stick thing?

Sorry for all the questions, but you can't beat an experienced


Re: Sony Vaio C1XD

CM wrote:
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I used to play DIVx movies on my OLD laptop last year (2004). It was a
P133 with 16MB RAM  - and after a lot of fussing, I managed to get it
running Windows XP Pro quite well (for its specs anyway). The hard
drive was only 1.3 GB so I couldn't actually store anything on the
laptop because Windows used all the space. So, I used to watch movies
over the network or via my USB hard drive.

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By external drive, I assume you mean, external DVD player ? I would
think it would be MORE than powerfull enough. A lot of laptops with
400MHz CPUs came standard with DVD players anyway, so I wouldn't worry.


Re: Sony Vaio C1XD

On 4 Sep 2005 11:26:25 -0700, wrote:

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Thanks for the quick response. What worries me is that I used to have
an old Compaq Armada 4020T, (Pentium I 266) and it really struggled
with the higher bitrate stuff. I have some 350mb files (45 minute
episodes) with xvid bitrtates of 1032kb/s, and it got pretty painful I
must say! Audio and video out of sink, bleeding into a strange colour.
But fine with other stuff.

Re: Sony Vaio C1XD


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I have the C1VN with the 600MHZ Transmeta Crusoe Processor.

The C1VN CPU probably equates to a 500MHZ Pentium for performance.

It plays well encoded divx (though I use XVid) reasonably and
widescreen is great.

However if you get any movie with the slightest encoding problem
(about 30% of what you can download) you will get poor playback as the
CPU is at it's limit.

For some of the not so well encoded movies VLan (VideoLan) will help.

Get a good all round and low resource media player like "Media Player
Classic" as it will not hog so much memory.

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I can only report on the C1VN but because they are of the same form
factor there are similarities.

The machine does get warm and I suggest keeping the suface well

There is little noise as the fan on these things are tiny.

Sony put rubbish HDs in these machines so that can click a lot but is
not too loud. (I swapped mine out for a faster 7200 RPM one.)

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Do you mean using Sony's DVD51 drive?

I am unsure whether the C1XD has a 32bit card interface.. If it
doesn't then DVD playback will be rubbish. If it does I think the
machine will still struggle.

Using my external firewire drive the playback stutters slightly.

You will probably have better luck reducing the DVD down to a
DivX\Xvid and putting that (as a plain binary file - not VideoCD) onto
a CD or several on a DVD and playing that as there is less data per
second to transfer.

If you do want to encode DVD's to divx\xvid take a look at FairUse
Lite as it does a great job and keeps the file down at 700MB.

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The C1 keyboard is light but nice.

Personally I hate the mouse stick.. It makes my finger tired :)

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Want more? Go look at the Farstand forum here:

If I was to give advise I would suggest looking around and getting the
best C1 you can afford as you will only regret getting a lower spec
one later.


Re: Sony Vaio C1XD


I'll answer some of my own questions now I've bought the thing.

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Just about. The one I've got has 128mb, not sure how happy it would be
with less. With most background problems shut down it works fine.
Apparently the processor drops from 400Mhz to 300Mhz if running off
battery - you can just about see the difference.
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Does get pretty warm. I'd heard about it getting so warm that the
PCMCIA cards failed. However, that hasn't been a problem at least. It
is a little noisy, but you can put it down to the thinness, and noisy
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Haven't tried this yet.

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OK for touchtype but for the ridiculously placed right shift key. It's
just - not in the right place. Mousestick is giving me lots of
incentive to use keyboard shortcuts.

Re: Sony Vaio C1XD


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Well to answer my own questions then:

1. It can just about do DIVX movies, but only just. Throw certain
files at it, or use the wrong media player and it gets choppy and out
of synch.

2. Very warm - kept it off my lap! And it is surprisingly noisy, but
not too bad really.

3. Didn't try this - should be as possible as DIVX

4. Right shift button is simply in the wrong place -takes a lot of
gettnig used to. Mouse-stick thing does get a bit sore after a while.

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