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I have a Sony Vaio A690. As with all Sony Vaios, my laptop usually
gets so hot that it's uncomfortable to have on your lap at times. Well
one day I was messing with the power settings and discovered that if I
set such settings on adaptive, less power would be used and my
computer would not get so hot. Also, there is a button built into the
laptop (next to the built in volume buttons) with a picture of a sun
on it. When this button is glowing green the laptop will charge the
battery, but the screen will be on full brightness. When I press this
same button, it will no longer be green, the screen will go to about
half-brightness, and the battery will charge as needed.

Now my problem is that yesterday I left the laptop on without the
green button glowing. This caused my battery to completely drain. Now
my laptop will not boot up all of the way as it will not charge. The
button only seems to work once windows is completely booted and
running. Because there isn't enough charge in the battery to make it
to windows, I can't activate this button to get the charge going
again. I know this sounds complicated, but if anyone has any idea what
I am talking about please e-mail me. I would appreciate any help that
can be provided.

Re: Sony Vaio wrote:
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Does this notebook not charge the battery when it is turned off and the
power adapter is connected?  It should.  That green button (the S1
button) operates to enter/exit power saving mode; it has no use
whatsoever for anything having to do with charging the battery.

The user guide for the VGN-A690 can be found here:


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